TomTom Runner Cardio Watch with Heart Rate – White/Red


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The TomTom Runner Cardio Watch is the smart way to improve your running performance with real-time statistics when you need them. Lightweight and slim, the stylish watch is simple to train with and comes complete with an extra-large display and one-button control so you can browse menus easily and view information at a glance. This includes, distance, pace, time and calories. A built in heart rate monitor ensures no need for a separate chest strap. You can get accurate heart rate readings with ease and run in your optimal heart rate zone through a choice of five heart rate training zones to match your individual targets. Choose from Easy for warm ups/cools downs, Fat Burn for weight loss, Endure for improving lung and heart capacity, Speed for improving speed and fitness and Sprint for interval training. Interval Training also allows you to set your own programme to improve your fitness and speed. You’ll get alerts as you run to keep you on target. Thanks to five training zones – Race, Zone, Goal, Laps and Intervals – you can stay focused on improvement. Compare your current run with past performances and race yourself in the Race Training Zone, set a distance, time or calorie goal via the Goal Zone, and enjoy alternate bursts of high and low intensity exercise via the Interval Training Zone. It’s the ultimate motivation! Colour: white/red In the box: TomTom Runner Cardio Watch with Heart Rate desk dock user guide


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