Reebok Deck (Step/Bench)


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Reconfigurable, the Reebok Deck provides all the tools needed for limitless workouts at home. Adjust the Reebok Deck to an incline, decline or flat position to perform a wide range of bodyweight, weighted and HIIT workouts. Water-resistant and hard-wearing, the Deck is suitable for use inside or outside, with integrated clips that allow you to attach resistance bands for a greater range of workouts. When used as a step, the decks heights of 20cm is ideal for low impact aerobics, but if you’re looking to increase the intensity, simply use the integral risers to elevate the deck to 35.5 cm. When you’ve finished your session, the Deck folds flat for easy transportation and storage. A bobble surface grip and non-slip rubber feet ensure stability throughout every workout.


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