High Street TV Zumba DVD Box Set and Toning Hand Weights


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Join the party with the revolutionary Zumba Fitness workout! Since its launch, Zumba has grown to become one of the world’s largest and most successful dance fitness programmes. Leaving you feeling energised and bursting with vitality, it’s an incredibly fun way to get outstanding results. The addictive fitness craze that revolutionised gym classes nationwide is now available for you to take home. Enjoy 6 exhilarating workouts on 4 DVDs, fusing hypnotic Latin rhythms and easy dance moves to create a dynamic fitness programme. With each and every workout targeting your lower body, abs and core, as well as your upper body, they deliver a 3-zone calorie burning routine. This Total Body Transformation System includes 4 DVDs, Total Body Transformation Guide and two bonus toning sticks (445g each). These light hand weights help increase your calorie burn for even greater results. They rattle when you shake them, making it even more fun to move with the music.


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