Body-Solid Lifting Band (Medium Resistance) Red


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Body Solid’s range of variable resistance lifting bands provide you with an easy, cost-effective way to increase intensity in your workout. 41′ long by 1 1/8′ wide, the red band provides medium resistance, making it ideal whether you’re a fitness enthusiast or a beginner weight lifter. Made of rubber, the strong band helps you tone and build strength. Ideal for lower body exercises and stronger bench presses, the band also offers great overall body conditioning results and can be used for stretching, rehabilitation, jumping, aerobics and for increased resistance towards bicep and tricep exercises. Why use lifting bands? Lifting bands offer a contrasting method in an exercise program where the weight resistance changes at different points in a lift. Using bands will make the weight increase through the concentric and eccentric portions of a lift that will result in greater speed and acceleration.


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